Spinal and Postural Rehabilitation

January 03, 2012

It is estimated that up to 85% of Americans will experience debilitating back pain at least one time in their lives. In fact, millions of Americans are already affected by spine-related problems every year.

Good posture is an integral component of one’s health, wellness and good aesthetics. Acquiring and maintaining good posture is paramount for spinal health and emotional wellness.

When we slouch while sitting and try to lift ourselves up with our arms by pushing out from a chair or weight shifting from one leg to the other, the fast twitch muscles are being tricked into utilizing the role of the slow twitch muscles. The sudden feeling of being tired shows how in-accordingly we utilize our fatigue muscles for certain functions. The slow twitch muscles that are responsible for supporting us in an upright position are weak and less powerful due to the incorrect muscles being used and activated. Gravity is a stronger fighter than our bodies when we are not focused and unaware of our functions. Since the fast and slow twitch muscles are confused, that results in some muscles putting in too much work and others not enough. Remember this phrase “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This is ultimately what’s happening. In conclusion, our bodies as a whole are no longer balanced and have no even distribution of muscles. This results in overuse pain, pressure and strains not only on the muscles but the joints, ligaments and tissues as well.

That’s why the majority of patients we see at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation require some form of spinal and posture rehabilitation.