Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

October 27, 2015

Our comprehensive approach to treatment of myofascial pain syndrome is a completely non-invasive, but exceptionally effective approach to pain management and treatment.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) is a musculoskeletal disorder that produces local and referred pain. MPS is characterized by a palpable, taut band which, upon palpation, produces movement dysfunction, unpleasant sensation and pain.

MPS can be  primary or a secondary disorder that is caused by another condition. It can be acute or chronic and, regional or generalized. The functional unit of MPS is called a trigger point (TP). Treatment of chronic MPS requires a multifactorial approach addressing posture, ergonomics, structural deviations, misalignments and metabolic factors.

Historically, MPS cases have been treated with a variety of manual techniques. Myofascial Trigger Point therapy has been done with simple compression of palpable knots in the muscles or approximation of the muscular tissue with compression. It has been my clinical experience that trigger points (TP) in different locations of a muscle respond better to a different type a of treatment.

At Dynamic Rehab PT,  we have tremendous experience treating muscle pain and myofascial pain syndromes with a variety of manual methods combined with advanced technological methods and dry needling/cupping techniques.